Kuantan Homestay Chatbox


Shopping always gives me great pleasure and joy of many, like everyone else, but not when credit cards must be paid. Kuantan even said to be the most modern city on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, there is actually very little room and large (in relative terms) of shopping centres and malls in the city.

East Coast Mall

This is the newest shopping mall in Kuantan. You can find everything here, from computer shops, Carrefour  to cinema with 3D technology. It is a 5 storey high modern retail and commercial complex. Easy to park your car with ample parking space with RM1 charge per entry. VIP parking is also available for RM10 at the main entrance of this shopping complex.


Mega Mall

This is second biggest mall in Kuantan, last time this the main shopping place before EC mall was developed.

Kuantan Parade

This is where Kuantan people like to shop because the price is competitive especially when you want to but mobile phone and its accessories.


Homestay Kuantan 2011.