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Restaurants and Foods

There are many great restaurants in Kuantan that serve various type of food from Thai tomyam, roasted fish, to western food. Here are a list of a few restaurants that are popular among the people of Kuantan.

Sri Affa steamboat restaurant

This restaurant is specialize in nasi ayam and steamboat. The food prices here are very reasonable and the taste is awesome. This restaurant also serve western food such as chicken chop which make the restaurant  varies in the meal menu. Highly recommended in term of prices and services. This restaurant is located in Jalan Telok Sisek on the way to Telok Cempedak from Kuantan Homestay.  


Roasted Fish a.k.a. Ikan Bakar

There are many ikan bakar  restaurants in Kuantan and are very famous among local resident. These restaurants are located along the road in Tanjung Lumpur. Enjoy the fresh seafood from south china sea with very reasonable price. These fresh seafood are roasted or fried with special sweet and hot sauce and mostly served on banana leafs. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes by car from Kuantan homestay.

Steamed Rice or Nasi Kukus

Nasi kukus is very popular meal and is served in many restaurants in Kuantan. One of the nearest Nasi Kukus restaurant from Kuantan Homestay is located at Jalan Kuantan -bypass. Suria perdana restaurant not only serve Nasi Kukus but other traditional rice such as Nasi dagang and Nasi Kerabu. It only takes 5 minutes driving. 

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