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Kuantan Homestay Gallery

Kuantan Homestay offers a comfortable living area and bedrooms. With high quality mattresses, we hope our customers have a good deep sleep and are satisfied with their stay at our homestay.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom consists of a queen sized bed complete with high quality mattress and bedding, one dressing table and one wardrobe. This main bedroom is equipped with 1 hp York air conditioner.

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom also consists of a queen sized bed. A high quality mattress and pillows are also provided. The second bedroom is also equipped with 1 hp York air conditioner.

Third Bedroom

The third bedroom is a multi purpose area so more guests can sleep at one time. We provide a queen sized mattress, blankets and pillows. Extra mattresses are also available.

Fourth Bedroom

The fourth bedroom is a single bedroom and is attached with second bathroom. We also provide single mattresses, comforters and pillows.


Dining Room

A table for 6 persons is provided for dining room.

Living Room

Main living is decorated up to hotel standard to give our guests full satisfaction.


The kitchen is spacious enough to cook. We provide a gas hob, pan, a set of plates and a fridge for guest usage.


Homestay Kuantan 2011.