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Kuantan people relish and enjoy their diverse food selection. It is normal to drive for hours to have a nice plate of rice. As customers can imagine, restaurant levels are very competitive across the town.

Each place in Kuantan has something different to offer in terms of culinary delights. Kuantan has the most diverse offering beautiful sandy beaches. Kuantan is also home to delicious food, usually served in quaint cafes historic shophouse. Pahang is the cradle of Malay culture and serves exotic Malay food rich in flavour and colour. When trying to decide which place or restaurant to visit, the basic rule is that the most popular, especially among locals, is normally the best. This multi-cultural array of food came to be known worldwide as the food of Malaysia.

Kuantan  family has recently been updated to customer needs and satisfaction. When a large lounge and dining room make this house a relatively quiet place to gather and spend time with family and relatives. It is also suitable for those travelling with friends and plan a short stay in Kuantan. We also have a package to customers who have invested in plans to bring their families with a reasonable figure. Enjoy RM99 per night for a week's stay. This is an opportunity to experience a comfortable lifestyle living at an affordable price.

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