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There are many events in Kuantan that offer various type of festivals such as culture, history and entertainment.

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Kuantan Events

The multiethnic province of Pahang has many religious festivals organized by the lunar calendar, with their changing little from year to year.

What does not change is the joy and enthusiasm that the Malaysian people to celebrate the events noisy and colourful. Pahang area of stunning natural wonders are also encouraged to create outdoor adventure and challenge events, which now attract international competitors. Important issues and enjoy the area each year in Pahang International Rafting Expedition every April, fun Kuantan Beach Run in June, and Pahang International Challenge billfish a year in August.

Kuantan Events and Festivals in January

* Gems of the World - with a huge collection of gems in the rough in Genting Highlands Resort in Pahang

Kuantan Events and Festivals in February

* Kuantan Challenge - a competition of windsurfing was held in early February at the Komplex Pelancongan


* Chinese New Year - celebrated in February by Chinese communities throughout the region, with spectacular parades, fireworks, lion dances and dragon, and temple worship

Kuantan events and festivals in March - Kuantan, Malaysia, MA

Hari Hol Negeri Pahang * - early May, a holiday in the city

* Malaysian Food Festival - no doubt aimed at tourists, this place across the country and is a great way for visitors to discover the best and most delicious local cuisine.

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